Improve Productivity and Achieve Savings at Every Stage of the Fabrication Process

Tekla PowerFab is a powerful management software for steel fabricators. Improve accuracy, productivity and achieve savings at every step:

Estimating gives you the speed and accuracy you need to stay competitive and profitable in today’s market.

Combining optimizes the use of material and minimizes waste through advanced nesting algorithms.

Purchasing simplifies your material requisition process by automating and optimizing the generation and tracking of purchase orders.

Project Management provides detailed traceability of important job and project information. A new level of shareable visibility into the real-time information allows managers to act more proactively. The advanced project scheduling feature revolutionizes the way you schedule and track projects.

Inventory Control provides detailed tracking of your entire inventory, across all jobs and with real-time updates as material is received and consumed in your workflow.

Production Control makes routing material and jobs through your production environment efficient.

Order Entry provides service centers with a system to handle telephone or walk-in sales complete with quotes, invoices, and ties to inventory control.


Simplify Bidding, Then Reduce Waste

Automate job pricing with very fast take-off entry and import a BOM from any electronic source. After winning the business, utilize the accurate data to optimize material cutting dramatically reducing waste. 


Route Jobs Through Production and Track Inventory

Visually route material and jobs through production in the most effective way possible. Make sure your inventory is used in the most optimal way.


Handle Back-office Tasks Eith Ease

Manage drawings, transmittals, RFIs, and more. Quickly work up quotes and invoices as needed, then schedule and track each project. Need to order more material? You can automatically generate and track purchase orders as well.



Key Benefits of Tekla PowerFab:

●    Highly accurate estimates, quotes, invoices and purchase orders
●    Detailed production and inventory control
●    Revolutionary project scheduling and management
●    Powerful mobile tools
●    Increase visibility and collaboration by delivering real-time information to all project stakeholders