For Estimators

Fast, Accurate and Consistent Estimates: Powerful Tools Enable Model-based Estimating Workflow

Tekla PowerFab provides estimators with powerful estimating tools designed specifically for steel fabrication workflows. This software suite offers a complete set of tools for efficient model-based estimating. Create estimates with complete confidence that all costs have been included and your bid is accurate and competitive. 

The model-based estimating process drives greater accuracy giving you the confidence that your bid will lead to profitable work. Never price the unknown: maintain an up-to-date database of supplier pricing and delivery details for informed, accurate estimates. Comparing scenarios is also simple with model-based estimating. 

Key Benefits:

Speedy, acurate takeoffs

  • Meet tight deadlines and bid with confidence
  • Material and labor details accurately reflect your shop-specific process: no need to guess the connection materials and labor
  • Facilitate fast and accurate steel fabrication with as little scrap as possible
  • Optimized user interface speeds up the manual entry process
  • Benefit from import options from engineering models, detailing models, or on-screen takeoff software (e.g., Bluebeam)

Optimized material

  • Combine your material take-off against purchasable lengths to get vendor pricing
  • Use actual pricing from vendors based on how you buy
  • Access to anticipated scrap value for the project 

Better consistency between estimators

  • Promote transparency between estimators 
  • Standardize the estimating process such as labor calculations
  • Improve future decision making by referring back to historic data

Easily generate bid proposals 

  • Standardize/customize parts of the documents
  • Customizable standard text for your scope

Create miscellaneous assemblies using Parametrics

  • Save time by adding assemblies such as stairs or railings by answering a few simple questions, rather than taking off the assemblies component by component

Synergies from better communication

  • Easier collaboration through consistent use of the same model and format from estimation to construction


As your process becomes more efficient, you can concentrate on strategic estimating.