Access, Visualize and Share - Also on Mobile

Unparalleled Mobile Tools for Real-time Information

Tekla PowerFab offers you unparalleled tools for collaboration and visibility. You can easily visualize the job progress in the model and share the visualization - including via mobile.
Tekla PowerFab delivers unrivaled insight to your estimate and enables you to visualize project progress improving communication with all members of the project team. It is a powerful combination of MIS and BIM, driving improved collaboration, accurate estimates, cost savings and overall efficiency. 


Device Independent Interface to Fabrication Data

Tekla EPM GO is the device-independent web interface for users to view and update live information in your database. The mobile, real-time access to your data helps to reduce the piles of paperwork that accumulate in a fabrication project, and speeds the flow of information throughout your organization. 
Tekla EPM GO gives you an efficient method of viewing and recording the production and shipping status from the shop or the field in real time.

Access, View and Update - Virtually Anywhere

With Tekla PowerFab tools, project managers can view and modify the status information for any job both at a project level and drilled down to a specific task. This can be used to see an overview of the project as well as drill down to find a specific part. 
Permissions are granular so that fabricators can grant access to their customers and sub-contractors on a project-by-project basis. Engineers, architects, detailers, and more may view any information that they have been given access to – without having to install any software.


Unparalleled Model Viewer with Collaboration Tools

An essential part of Tekla PowerFab is the model-based viewer via Trimble Connect collaboration platform. Trimble Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects the right people to the right constructible data, at the right time. It offers an unmatched 3D viewer and other collaboration tools to all stakeholders.



With Tekla EPM Go You Can:

  • Access your drawing and 3D model on the shop floor
  • Receive, move and view inventory
  • Confirm nesting to control inventory in real-time
  • Benefit from paperless workflow for shop operations by confirming routing progress 
  • Load and ship for transportation


With Trimble Connect You Can:

  • View and share project information 
  • Access projects also using mobile devices