Tekla Structures Maintenance

Global and Local Support   

Support staff is available worldwide to assist Tekla customers in case of technical problems. Each one of our local Tekla Helpdesks is knowledgeable about the local industry and standards, so the support is insightful and beneficial.

Our localization teams adapt the software to suit the standards, materials  and requirements in your region. However, you’re still able to work within any environment, from any region regardless of your location.

Benefits Maintenance Off Maintenance
Tekla Webinars
Tekla User Assistance Access
Tekla User Assistance Support Articles
Tekla Helpdesk
Tekla Discussion Forum
Software version updates with regional environments, service releases and learning material
Free library of applications and much more in Tekla Warehouse * 
Subsidized Tekla event(s) **

* For Tekla Structures only
** Subject to change by country


Online Support Available Anytime

Tekla User Assistance is always available online for customers, offering instructions, support documents and videos online. You can also use the Tekla discussion forum to share your best practices and techniques, or read posts from other Tekla users. Tekla developers are also active on the forums and frequently comment to offer support and feedback.

Keep Your Software Updated

With Maintenance, you always have the most up-to-date version of Tekla software. Tekla product development teams collaborate with the industry and incorporate feedback. Each new version further improves your efficiency productivity.  

All the new versions, updates, features and improvements, regional environment installations and service releases are included in Maintenance. You can easily update your software whenever you like or change back to an older one when a project requires it.    

Tekla Maintenance also includes additional tools for any specific needs you may have while using Tekla software. Many of the applications are developed by companies in the construction industry to speed up and ease daily work, like transferring data to manufacturing. 

Tekla Warehouse offers a wealth of add-ons, libraries and templates for Tekla Structures users.

Maintenance Increases Productivity



Why Maintenance:

  • Back-up your investment in Tekla software
  • Local, high-quality user support
  • Latest up-to-date software and additional tools
  • Continue learning in forums, online videos, webinars and seminars

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Maintenance Canam

Tekla's responsiveness over the years has been above the industry's norm and has contributed to the development and improvement of our BIM / VDC services.
Jean Thibodeau
Senior Vice-president InteliBuild and Information Systems
Canam Group Inc.