Enhance Your Quantity and Labor Estimations with Estimodeling

What is Estimodeling?

Estimodeling is the process of quickly creating a model for the purposes of generating highly accurate material quantities as well as detailed labor and cost data for use in project estimating.

Why should I be Estimodeling? Because it:

  • Creates quicker take-offs than traditional estimating methods with added-value of data-rich, constructible models
  • Includes 3D model as part of a bid package
  • Enables export to all major MIS systems with NO manual entry 
  • Allows you to use the model for additional project requirements like 'bid reference' IFC file to track future changes

Use Tekla Structures and FabSuite for Estimodeling to get Truly Constructible results:

Estimodeling with Tekla Structures surpasses traditional estimating methods and provides several additional benefits. It provides a data-rich 3D model to provide more robust information and truly constructible model as part of a bid package. Estimodeling also allows you to export information to Trimble's FabSuite solution or any of the major MIS systems without the need for manual entry. Finally, you can pass your model to detailers if the project is awarded and use the existing model for 'bid reference' IFC file to track future changes.



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  • What is Estimodeling?

  • Why should you do it?

  • How can you implement Estimodeling?


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Detailers have the obvious benefits of the powerful constructible model for drawings and fabrication data, but when bidding, they have many of the same needs as fabricators. Estimodeling enables detailers to:

  • Create detailed material take-offs for quantities and tonnage to produce a more accurate bid 
  • Find potential problem earlier to get resolutions to design questions faster
  • Awarded jobs already have a model started and can be kept for design change comparison through the project lifecycle

Using Tekla Structures' truly constructible models coupled with Trimble's FabSuite enables estimators to:

  • Import a Vector PDF into the model for faster Estimating
  • Quickly create an as-built model for highly accurate quantities and preliminary fittings for leaner takeoff
  • Pass an already created model to detailers once the bid is won (saving time and money)
  • Import directly into Trimble's FabSuite solution or other MRP/MIS software for calculating labor costs
  • Rapidly product a preliminary material list for ordering steel
  • Send the client a bid along with a 3D PDF model which helps sell your business




Using Tekla Structures' truly constructible models enable users to generate highly accurate quantities and further integration with estimating tools and procedures. For the steel erector, using Tekla Structures for Estimodeling provides:

  •  Bolt counts and field welds - quantities become hours
  • Weights and center of gravity - plan your lifts
  • Check crane placement and create site layout drawings
  • A highly accurate export to Steel Erection Bid Wizard.