2013 BIM Category Winner
ATST - Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, Hawaii

M3 Engineering and Technology, Inc.

Solar Telescope

Description: The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, ATST, will be the largest solar telescope in the world, with unprecedented abilities to view details of the Sun. Using adaptive optics technology, ATST will be able to provide the sharpest views ever taken of the solar surface, which will allow scientists to learn even more about the Sun and solar-terrestrial interactions.

M3 Engineering and Technology, Inc. is contracted to provide the Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical design and engineering, and Tekla steel model and shop fabrication package for the Support and Operations Building, Telescope Inner Structural Pier and Outer Enclosure Base Structure. This is a very unique project due to the intense coordination required between all disciplines in order to create a total construction package with no interferences.

The Architectual, HVAC and Piping "IFC" models were imported into the Tekla Structures model to refine the designs and check for potential construction clashes and project constructibilty issues. The Telescope will be supported by (12) sloped steel columns on a radial pattern, with integral high seismic connection HSS braces within the cone shaped envelope. The Outer Enclosure is framed with (12) columns in a dodecagon pattern, resulting in hundreds of skewed and sloped connections. The Support and Operations area structure is covered with a multi-level hipped roof and includes an elevator lift. The roof over the lift must extend up as the top level is reached by the interior platform. The steel shop package consists of 2763 assembly drawings, 4546 single part drawings and 98 field erection drawings.

Special Challenges: The high accuracy required for steel fabrication and erection has been one of the greatest challenges faced on this project and made the use of Tekla Structures software essential for success.


Tekla BIMsight model