Tekla Structures 2017i: Latest Software Developments for Steel

Are you getting the most out of your software? There are many features in Tekla Structures that can ease your everyday work that you might not even know about. These helpful hints and the newest features of Tekla Structures 2017i will be covered in our next Steel Webinar.

Join this webinar and start reducing errors and saving more time with Tekla Structures 2017i. Improvements for drawings, dimensioning editing and visual layout editing will all be covered in this webinar as well as an introduction to the new Spiral Beam functionality. So don't delay, register now!

Once released, anyone with a valid Tekla Maintenance agreement can download and start using the new Tekla Structures 2017i. Maintain your competitive advantage as well as your software investment with Tekla Maintenance and have access to the latest tools, services releases and local support!

Watch this webinar

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