Streamline Your Next Post-Tensioned Concrete Project


Post-tensioned concrete is a popular option in today’s construction market. More and more we’re seeing mixed-use commercial/residential buildings, parking garages, and other structure types with PT-slabs. These buildings can be tedious and time-consuming for the structural engineer.  Current work flows typically require several models from the BIM model to a gravity and lateral design model to the floor slab model. PT floor slabs are breaking the budget; usually requiring individual floor models, manual loading inputs and complex design considerations. 

Tekla Structural Designer has partnered with ADAPT to deliver a streamlined solution. In this webinar we will look at how you can improve your current workflow to be more efficient on your next PT-concrete project. We’ll introduce our partnership and what it means for you, run through a gravity and lateral design of a concrete building in Tekla Structural Designer, export the building to ADAPT and perform at a post-tensioned slab design. Register now to learn more about this exciting partnership.

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