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Estimodeling is the process of quickly creating a model for the purposes of generating highly accurate material quantities as well as detailed labor and cost data for use in project estimating.

Estimodeling provides a data-rich 3D model to enable more robust information and truly constructible information as part of a bid package. From bidding to erection, Estimodeling enables you to extract the highest level of accurate quantities with Tekla Structures and import/export information automatically into Trimble's FabSuite solution for labor and cost information. Once the project is awarded, pass the "bid model" to jumpstart detailing and track future changes as well as quantify hours and lifts for erectors using 'Steel Erection Bid Wizard', a partner solution. 

So, join the webinar and learn how you can start using Tekla Structures' truly constructible information along with FabSuite's comprehensive steel fabrication management to begin "Estimodeling" right away. This webinar will help you expedite and improve your steel estimating workflow through the discussion of:

  • What is Estimodeling?
  • Why you should do it?
  • What does a complete workflow look like?

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