Sneak Preview of Tekla Structures 21 for Contractors Working with Concrete


The new Tekla Structures 21 brings benefits to those contractors who plan concrete pours on site, model accurately for the needs of construction and use the information to improve their operational efficiency and business performance.

Join our webinar to learn from the Tekla team what productivity improvements the new version offers and discover more about Tekla’s unique solution for concrete pour modeling and management.

  • Easier, accurate and constructable concrete modeling and modifying pour breaks
  • Better pour information tracking and consistency for improved management information
  • How placement of bought-out items and temporary construction points, lines and planes has become simpler
  • Quantity take-off accuracy and reporting improvements
  • Easier collaboration and communication with other project team members

For all structures and project types and from preconstruction through execution, Tekla offers the leading information management solution for the concrete construction industry worldwide. Tekla software allows construction contractors profitably and safely transform design intent into built reality with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Watch this webinar