Plan and quantify formwork quickly and easily


In this webinar we present the completely new tools for quick and easy modelling of all formwork, as part of the extensive recent development that enhances formwork operations in Tekla Structures.

You can also learn about experiences of your peers and hear from the world’s leading formwork manufacturers, like Doka and PERI, how constructible Tekla models help managing formwork information more easily and allow utmost accuracy and efficiency for formwork planning.

The unique information management capabilities of Tekla Structures allows you to reduce costs, prevent human errors and save time by streamlining the quantification, planning and management tasks when preparing to pour concrete on site.

Join the free webinar and learn:

  • Completely new, intuitive and interactive way to place all formwork with Tekla
  • How to automate detailed material quantification with information rich model
  • How use of Tekla model enhances planning and coordination of formwork operations on-site
  • Experiences and benefits that constructible models have brought to concrete contractors and formwork manufacturers

Watch this webinar