Partner Spotlight: Connection Design with Qnect


This webinar will shine the spotlight on a Tekla Structures partner that has developed an innovative approach to both Connection Design and Cost Optimization for your steel projects.  Join us for this live event as Qnect walks us through the following workflows:

Fabricators, Detailers and EOR's can save weeks of time and up to $100/ton per project by deploying Qnect's rules-driven engineering software to assist the design and detailing of steel structures in a Tekla 3D model.

Qnect is able to generate up to $100/ton savings by engineering and connecting each model 5-10 times in less than one day to find the most efficient connections.  Additionally, by iterating to deliver a Bolt Optimized model, Qnect is able to save 20-40% of the bolts while satisfying all of the engineering requirements.

Stay tuned for more partner spotlights in the future. 

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