Parametric Assemblies & Estimating Miscellaneous Steel in Tekla PowerFab


Miscellaneous steelwork projects range from handrails, walkways, stairs, bollards, and much more. Oftentimes, fabrication estimates for these types of projects are calculated by linear feet, by item or by approximate estimation. However, creating miscellaneous steelwork estimates this way often leads to inaccuracies. 

Join this webinar to learn how Estimodeling with Tekla EPM can help you combat these issues within your shop and calculate better estimates for miscellaneous projects.


Join our webinar to:

  • See how you can use Estimodeling to see your projects before you build them
  • Learn about the advantages of detailed Labor and Material takeoffs for miscellaneous steel projects
  • Find out the differences and advantages between Assemblies and Parametric Assemblies
  • Identify variables the first time with Parametric Assemblies

Watch this webinar