Leverage Technology for Fast and Accurate Design


Does this sound like your typical day:

     Morning: Retaining wall for a subdivision expansion      Midday: wood headers and posts for a new mixed use project      Afternoon: checking incorrectly installed anchor bolts from the latest RFI As structural engineers we’re expected to produce fast and accurate designs for a wide variety of materials and situations.  Taking time to perform a hand-calculation or start a re-design from scratch can be costly to our project budgets.  Tight deadlines and construction schedules add stress to our daily lives.  Watch this webinar to learn how Tekla Tedds allows us to leverage technology to meet the strict demands of our day to day.
  • Stay on budget by eliminating tedious calculations through our automated modules
  • React quickly to field changes by easily making changes to the calculation interface
  • Stay organized with a built-in project manager
  • Peace of mind with code-compliant designs
  • Over 40 different calculations to meet your varied daily demand

In this webinar we’ll see how Tedds can be applied to your daily routine for one-off designs.  We’ll walk through our most widely used calculations with discussion on anchor bolts, retaining walls and wood design.

Watch this webinar

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