Improve Efficiencies through Automated and Constructible Workflows for Structural Engineers


In this webinar, we’ll share how structural engineers are leveraging technology and integrated workflows to drive never before obtained efficiencies and produce data-rich, constructible, 3D models.  If you are looking for ways to drive cost out of your business, mitigate the risk of errors and reduce RFIs and change orders then this webinar is well worth your time.

In this brief webinar, we will cover:

·        How software like Tekla Structural Designer can help you speed up the loading, analysis and design process

·       Linking your analysis and design model with the structural model to create an accurate, data-rich and truly constructible model

·        Adopting integrated workflows that eliminate waste and creates a seamless process from analysis to drawings

·        Ditching spreadsheets and avoiding time-consuming hand calculations by using Tekla Tedds to automate the process

·        Benefits of eliminating discipline silos

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