Empower Your Shop with an All-in-One Mobile Steel Fabrication App


Typically, each fabrication project your shop takes on will require piles of paperwork that are easy to misplace or forget about. Even worse, when you’re working with physical drawings and instructions, there’s always the risk of people working off of outdated documents. 

Using software that gives everyone in your shop mobile, real-time access to your data not only reduces the amount of paperwork in a project but also speeds the flow of information. In this webinar, we’ll explore the advantages of using Tekla EPM Go as your mobile tracking tool and information access point for viewing and recording the production and shipping status of every project, in real-time.

Save time and expenses by going paperless and taking your shop to the next level with a device-independent web interface that guarantees up-to-date information across all of your processes, anytime and from anywhere.


See how Tekla EPM Go can help you with:

  • Inventory management
  • Real-time piece & load tracking
  • Accessing your drawing and 3D model on the shop floor
  • Receiving, moving and viewing inventory
  • Confirming nesting to control inventory in real-time
  • Loading and shipping for transportation

Watch this webinar