Tekla News, Summer 2018

Sun’s out, and so is the summer edition of our news! This edition talks about the importance of fighting against piracy and how Trimble can help. We also take a look at how Détail Optimal utilizes point cloud technology and BIM, and how Helsinki’s huge construction site keeps project parties in the loop with extensive modeling co-operation. Last but not least, we introduce you to a new Trimble family member.

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Tekla License Compliance protects your investment

Through our Tekla License Compliance program, we put a lot of effort into piracy prevention and act directly against illegal users. Trimble software is protected by Intellectual Property Rights to safeguard our customers’ investments and ensure fair competition.

We strongly advise all companies to require legal licenses from their subcontractors to avoid the risks brought about by pirate software. A pirated license can contain malware and spyware and infect a computer, and there’s no guarantee of it functioning. In cases where a settlement for legal licenses isn’t reached, our anti-piracy work can force the subcontractor to stop, which is likely to bring about project losses and pose legal as well as technical risks to other project parties with legit licenses.

If you’re unsure, you can send models to us for a piracy check. We respect confidentiality!

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Détail Optimal reaches new highs with Tekla

Canadian steel expert Détail Optimal delivers products that meet the highest quality standards and client expectations across all sectors. With the help of point cloud technology and BIM, the company is now able to deliver projects at an unprecedented speed and accuracy and take on bigger challenges without compromising quality at any point.

A point cloud, collected using a 3D laser scanner, is a large pool of data points representing the geometry of a physical structure or groundworks at a construction site. The data files can be imported to Tekla Structures to provide unmatched accuracy. Point clouds provide Détail Optimal with information that helps in decision-making and efficient planning, and adding the technology to Tekla Structures has also streamlined internal working processes. All this saves both time and money.

“We can propose great, realistic alternatives to our clients to make their project possible without going back and forth in the design processes,” says Benoit Philibert, president of Détail Optimal.

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Tripla: BIM helps in the hassle

Tripla, one of the largest construction sites in Finland, is on and around a busy railway station used by more than 50,000 passengers every day. The size of the project (50 soccer fields), number of people working on the site (over 1,000 during the most intensive phase) and ongoing railroad traffic pose challenges that are easier to overcome with good software, collaboration and Open BIM.

All design work is carried out with modeling tools. Although the site comprises various projects from a parking area and shopping center to office blocks and a hotel, all models use the same system and are compatible. As information flows from one software to another, models can be combined and utilized in planning and verification. If issues or structural or technical clashes are detected, project parties can agree upon modifications together.

“Without the model, we would have to spread out a large pile of drawings and use a ruler to measure the height and thickness of a column and tap a calculator to determine the required concrete volume. Using the model saves time,” notes Janne Salin, BIM Specialist at YIT Construction Ltd, the general contractor for Tripla.

The models also help create a 3D presentation of the premises in the making, providing a way to visualize the space for those making leasing decisions.

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Welcome to Trimble, FabSuite!

US-based FabSuite is now part of the Trimble family. Earlier this year, Trimble acquired the assets of the supplier of Management Information System (MIS) solutions for steel fabrication. Trimble’s portfolio now boasts the complete structural steel workflow for planning, managing, designing, modeling and automating the fabrication constructability.

FabSuite is an excellent addition to Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect software. With these solutions, fabricators can improve efficiency and gain cost savings.

“The industry trend is moving towards constructability in workflows and prefabrication,” says Jari Heino, general manager of Trimble’s Structures Division. “With the addition of MIS software, we have a compelling and complete value proposition for fabricators, to gain the full benefits of a constructable* model-based workflow.”

The FabSuite software business is now part of Trimble’s Buildings and Infrastructure Segment.

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* = Constructable [kənˈstrʌktəbəl] or buildability or constructability = method to identify construction obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.


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