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Tekla Online Training

Have you heard? Tekla now offers online training for your convenience! Tekla Structures is available online for all disciplines and you now have the option to take the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own office. These courses are aimed at saving you time and money by eliminating travel expenses, reducing your time out of the office, paying a reduced course fee and making it convenient to work from your computer. In addition, our Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds courses are available in e-Learning format. The following online courses are now available:

  • Steel Basic
  • Engineering Basic
  • Cast in Place Basic
  • Advanced - General
  • Advanced - Custom Components
  • Advanced - Template Editor
Our Steel Basic training course is now also available in Spanish. Additionally, the advanced online courses can be taken by customers in any segment! For more detailed information regarding each course, click here. Select a course title listed under the 'All training courses' tab.

Tekla Project Viewer: Your Steel Project Management Solution

Tekla Project Viewer is the best model-based solution to plan, track and manage all of your detailing, fabrication and erection activities. The Tekla Structures Project Viewer configuration allows any steel construction oriented business to control all aspects of their processes from within a powerful building information model environment in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

Companies can access complete, construction-level data at a fraction of the costs usually associated with BIM. Furthermore, with the Project Viewer configuration, models can be shared with the entire project team even those not using Tekla Structures. For more information click here.

Thinking big: Tekla Model Sharing makes dream lifestyle possible

Two American engineering colleagues, Daniella Castro and Alyssa Schorer have achieved an efficient way to run their business, DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC, and gained freedom to create their own schedules.Tekla Model Sharing, DNA Detailing & BIM

Castro and Schorer have taken a leap from sitting behind the computer at the office to a more flexible, more productive way of working. Not only can they choose their own location freely, but they also can work on projects located on the other side of the US, several time zones away. This opens up more business opportunities for their small detailing and building information modeling business.

The service that allows them to model in Hawaii, California or maybe Mexico even without a high speed internet connection is Tekla Model Sharing.

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A new version of Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer is a software that enables structural engineers to analyze and design steel and concrete buildings efficiently and profitably by combining analysis and design into a single, seamless process.

Enhancements in the new release include expanded seismic analysis and design features that automate accidental torsional effects and the required seismic design combinations, allowing the engineers to use one product all the way through to code-compliant design. Other time saving features include the automation of tedious tasks such as wind loading calculations, floor vibration checks and floor loading. In addition, an expanded beam design options and integration with cellular beam provider are offered.

“This new release is a significant update as it further automates structural analysis and design to save time, allowing engineers to gain complete confidence in their design decisions,” says Barry Chapman, Director of Engineering at Tekla. “As engineers ourselves, we understand the competitive advantage that results from productivity and collaboration and we are committed to bringing engineers a tool that makes that possible.”

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Further streamlining calculations for structural engineers

Tekla Tedds 2015 is a powerful software that enables structural engineers to automate repetitive civil and structural calculations. The September release includes several new features that further automate and reduce calculation time so that engineers can achieve efficient designs more quickly.

Engineers can now analyze and design concrete beams and masonry bearings to Eurocode as well as steel beams to AISC standards even better. Eurocode are the harmonized technical rules for structural design in the European Union and AICS standards are set by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Using Tekla Tedds, structural engineers can access a fully automated library of civil and structural calculations to Australian, Canadian and US codes, British Standards and Eurocode. Because the calculations are fully transparent, they strengthen confidence in design results and help engineers create professional and consistent project documents, including notes and sketches. For additional flexibility, engineers can write, store and distribute custom calculations.

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Tekla Warehouse: What is in the new kind of BIM storage?

Tekla Warehouse is a free online Building Information Modeling (BIM) storage. It includes what is needed for modeling a building project with Tekla Structures: custom components, parts, profiles, materials like steel and concrete grades, rebars, meshes, shapes, applications and templates. Some of these are only available for customers in Maintenance. The 3D items listed in Tekla Warehouse have all the relevant, up-to-date product information for construction - not just geometry. And they are easily available.

“Structural engineers and detailers who work on construction projects may use components, materials and parts from 50 companies, and normally to get a model part, they must visit each company’s webpage. In Tekla Warehouse, we can publish all components in one place where our customers will conveniently find what they need, and these components stay updated since we have control over them,” explains Richard Morsink, Managing Director of HALFEN b.v., a construction product manufacturing company with offering in Tekla Warehouse.

Tekla Structures 21.1 released

The new release with improvements has been published, and it includes improvements in, for example, numbering as the software no longer allocates same numbers to different objects and gives warning of series overlaps. New extensions include Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools and there is a new option for showing welds in model views. Tekla Structures 21.1 also presents pour object geometry in general arrangement drawings as modeled.

Customers in Maintenance can download the release now

New Extensions Now Available

Extensions are free add-in tools for Tekla customers on maintenance. They extend the functionality of the software. The following new extensions are available in the Tekla Warehouse:

  • Save Grid to File allows users to save and load grid(s) that can't be saved in the out-of-the-box grid dialog box. This includes directly modified grids and individually added grid lines.
  • US Custom Variables allows users access to new variables which allow them to take into account the weight of rebar attached to concrete as well as subtracts out the weight/volume of the concrete being displaced by the rebar.
  • Mini Seam Applicator makes placing multiple seam components along the joint between two parts easier and faster. The joint will automatically be found and the overlapping volume can have multiple custom seams placed long its length with different spacing options.
  • Rebar Export creates rebar fabrication files. Recent new features allows users the flexibility to define bent bars as 'straight' through the Rebar Shape Manager and export them as if they were straight for fabrication. This extension can also be sued for bent and curved bars.

For a complete list of all the extensions available, click here.

How to stay up to date?

If you want to truly make the most of your projects and your business, your skills and tools need to be in top condition. They need care. For Tekla Structures, Maintenance packages what you need: Tekla User Assistance and helpdesk for learning and troubleshooting, new software versions, and Tekla Warehouse for all add-ons you may want to utilize.


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