Tekla Tedds for Temporary Works

Powerful software that automates repetitive structural and civil calculations Tedds can be used for all sorts of groundworks, retaining structures, simple member designs, capping, sheeting piling, propping, temporary bases, wind loading and more. Tekla Tedds can give you more control over engineering deliverables, better management of calculations and improved presentation for clients and for checking. All of which make life easier and increase productivity.

Tekla Tedds provides:

  • Reliable pro forma calculations in both British Standards and EuroCodes.
  • The ability to easily change load cases allowing alternatives to be quickly explored.
  • Consistency and visibility of calculations as full detailed calculations can be created for the checking and compliance requirements in BS5975.
  • 2D analysis tool ideal for excavation support frames.
  • Facility to create bespoke calculations and link calculations together using Tedds for Word.
  • Output templates are easily modified to accommodate branding and business standards.

Tekla Tedds Calculations for Temporary Works Engineers:

  • Steel angle design (BS5950)
  • Steel 2D analysis & design (EN1993) (great for platform and scaffolding analysis)
  • Steel beam analysis & design (EN1993)(BS5950)
  • Steel column design (EN1993)
  • Steel sheet piling design (EN1997)(BS8002)
  • Stress skin panel design (BS5268)
  • Timber 2D analysis & design (EN1995)
  • Timber joist design (EN1995)(BS5268)
  • Timber, glulam and flitch member analysis & design (EN1995)
  • Timber, glulam, composite, flitch and ply web member analysis & design (BS5268)
  • Timber stud design (EN1995) (BS5268)
  • Retaining wall analysis & design (EN1992/EN1996/EN1997)(BS8002)
  • Wind loading (EN1991)(BS 6399)
  • Foundation analysis and design (EN1992/EN1997)
  • RC raft foundation (BS8110)
  • RC slab design (EN1992)(BS8110)
  • Beam end connection design (BS5950)
  • Bolt group analysis
  • Holding down bolt design
  • Steel simple connection design (EN1993)
  • Column base plate design (EN1993)(BS5950)
  • Historical steelwork assessment
  • Rolling load analysis

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