Tekla Structural Designer for Temporary Works

A fully automated analysis and design software for structural engineers Tekla Structural Designer covers both gravity and lateral systems for both steel and concrete structures. 

With fast modelling for steel structures, all types of foundation design, rebar intent drawings for concrete elements and GA drawings of structures Tekla Structural Designer supports better design accuracy and efficiency.

Tekla Structural Designer provides:

  • The ability to model complex geometry and to take into account surrounding temporary and permanent structures.
  • More effective working using accurate 3D geometric members.
  • Easier production of complex, layered framework designs, allowing for clash detection and reducing the amount of re-work required on site.
  • Combining Tekla Structural Designer with Tekla Structures enables production of coordinated construction information and fabrication drawings.
  • Output data can be created and shared in a variety of formats.

Code compliant designs are ideal for temporary structures such as:

  • Waler Beam & Flying Shore Design
  • Facade Retention Frames
  • Temporary Platforms
  • Hoarding Wall Frame Analysis
  • Tower Crane Support Frames
  • Construction Gantry Frames
  • King Post Walls
  • Raking Prop Analysis

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