Model All Offshore Projects and Achieve Efficiency

Save time and money with faster design and detailing accurate drawings and avoiding clashes on assembly and automation.

With Tekla software, you can boost productivity through shorter modelling times and higher automation of fabrication. You can interface the model to machinery and project management. Your Tekla models represent the true, detailed, as-built structure.

The software handles all structures, no matter the complexity. Everything in an offshore project fits into a Tekla model: 4D visualisation, pipes, welds and bolts, the weight of the structure and the position of the centre of gravity, sustainability and eventual decommissioning.

Tekla lets you identify and correct possible conflicts with the process equipment, cables and access routes. Fixing conflicts already in the design phase saves time and resources in the construction phase.

Customise if you want

Tekla is ready to use, but you can modify it if you wish. The software comes with a library of standard connections or custom components, and accommodates your automated model connection and detailing through customisable rules.



Key benefits

  • Oversee the whole project.
  • Model all structures with increased productivity.
  • Avoid errors in fabrication and construction planning
  • Save time and waste less material.
  • Integrate design to fabrication process.
  • Include welding details in the model.

Tekla’s highly detailed, data rich structural models give offshore contractors the ability to manage the whole project. From initial concept studies, including 4D visualisation, to the detailed design of structures, safety systems, commissioning and modifications.

Automatic data to CNC

Direct integration with computer numeric controlled (CNC) machines that support the DSTV format, as well as tube profiling machines from manufacturers like HGG, Vernon Tool and others.

Automatic drawings & reports

All required engineering, fabrication, and erection (piece mark) drawings and reports can be automatically generated from the accurately detailed 3D model. Drawings are associated to the model, so any changes made to the model automatically reflect in the output. Transfer data via reports directly from the model to estimating, scheduling, procurement and production management.

Automatic numbering

Customisable piece marking of parts and assemblies allowing for unique, identical, or hybrid numbering systems which enable efficient traceability throughout fabrication and construction.

Advanced offshore modelling

Model and detail structural shapes, profiles and materials, including tubular and elliptical sections, as well as individual welds and bolts. Plate girders, complex ring plates, node connections, and long seam rotations, can easily be modeled to represent the as-built condition of the structure. Create welded beam to beam connections according to offshore requirements including complex weld preparations, rat holes & scallops.

Quality Assurance & Control

3D environment ensures error-free collaboration during the fabrication and erection phases. Detailed model represents the 'as-built' condition of the structure – if the structure fits on screen, then it will fit on site as well. Weld tracking and traceability can be gathered and recorded through a tablet device and linked directly back into the model allowing for visual representation of status and progress updates.


Model integration with offshore industry standard packages, such as PDS, PDMS, Microstation and others. Industry standard file formats supported by Tekla Structures are IFC, CIS/2, DWG, DXF and DGN. Publish models to the web or to Tekla BIMsight ( for enhanced project collaboration and communication.

Clash Detection 

Automate clash checking and expose conflicts within the model before it's too late. Costly errors are minimised through superior change management and revision control.

Components & Connections

Create a model representing the true, detailed, as-built structure using an extensive library of standard connections or custom components. Automate model connection and detailing through customisable rules.

Iv Consult - Van Der Waal

With Tekla, we have saved another 50 percent as we moved from 2D to 3D.
Robert Van Der Waal
Iv Consult

Tekla has an open approach to modelling, which means that the software integrates smoothly with other solutions. We want to work close to our customers and industry partners, such as HGG.

Tekla links to the major offshore design software systems for integrated analysis and design workflow. Automation, faster design and detailing and accurate drawings help you to save time and money. All project parties can benefit from the model with Tekla BIMsight, the free project collaboration tool.

Tekla integrates with

  • Manufacturing systems and CNC machinery
  • Vernon tool
  • Structural BOM
  • STAAD.Pro, SACS, SAP2000
  • Material Management System
  • Plant modelling PDS, SP3D and PDMS for structures reference
  • Piping Supports Design software

We constantly test and develop Tekla Structures. The industry uses it to create, combine and distribute highly detailed, accurate and information-rich structural models. The models provide open, readable data for manufacturing and for exporting to other solutions. Although Tekla is ready to use, the software is also highly customisable.

Tekla software works with all materials and our free Tekla BIMsight software lets you spot clashes between disciplines. Also, the software comes with a library of design details and users can model, store and share custom components like specific connections. 

Tekla offers services close to you. Enjoy local support, training, consultation and online services like Tekla User Assistance.

We plan the software implementation together with the customer which helps them save money and time, ensuring effective use of the software. Our experienced local Tekla staff will find the solutions that best suit your company's needs.