Geometry Design and Modelling

Easy import of the road alignment

Advanced Bridge Modelling workflow

  • Create any deck section using Tekla Structures Beam Extruder tool
  • Reference 2D/3D CAD (dwg, dgn, dxf)
  • Import any IFC object and transform it into a Tekla Structures object
  • Export IFC for easy clash checking or visualization

Algorithmic Bridge Modelling workflow

  • Import road alignment to Rhino
  • Create alternative designs fast using Grasshopper plug-in
  • Use Tekla Structures link for live model representation
  • Produce precise representation of curves and freeform surfaces
  • Create double-curve geometry and clothoids


Create bridge cross-section and beam profiles with ease

  • Use ready-made profiles and components
  • Create your own and save them for future projects
  • Quickly reach a constructible level of definition
  • Utilize the extensive Tekla Warehouse library



Use point clouds with existing bridges

  • Scan existing structures using any Trimble laser scan device
  • Reference point cloud to Tekla Structures to support modelling
  • Import point cloud into Trimble RealWorks and convert  the bridge into solid models to be used as true Tekla Structures objects



    Parametric modelling enables intelligence

    • Easy and efficient parametric modelling of the sub and superstructures of a bridge, with elements such as piles, foundations, piers, slabs and walls
    • Add geometry finishes like cuts of any shape, combine or merge concrete, line or part cuts, add chamfers
    • Use any material - steel, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete or even timber.


    Horizontal structure support

    • Easy to position your model with Project Base when your coordinates are far away from origin (0,0,0)


    Superior change management 

    • Automatic updates occur once the model is changed, so drawings are a true representation of the 3D model
    • Adapt the changes easily even to complex geometry by using Rhino Grasshopper link
    • Innovative and unique Tekla Model Sharing for multi-user capabilities
    • Tekla Model Sharing allows updates at the same time working online or offline, anywhere in the world with maximum reliability


    Enhance design with ready-made components

    • By re-using your own developed components you assure high levels of efficiency
    • Enhance the model with parametric components and tools from the vast catalogue created by our own suppliers and customers world-wide at Tekla Warehouse


    True IFC support for collaboration

    • Export your bridge model to project management platforms such as Trimble Connect, Navisworks, Autodesk 360, Projectwise
    • Use your bridge for different tasks, e.g. estimating, scheduling, ordering materials, fabrication, managing inventories and logistics 
    • Identify potential problems early and ensure constructibility


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