Tekla Structures: Steel

The basic training course is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills to get you started with Tekla Structures.

On the first day we start the course with an introduction to Tekla, a brief demonstration of the software and an overview of the week. Starting with the basics you will continue through to more advanced techniques as the week progresses.

You will learn the following:

  • Modelling of all parts.
  • Modelling of automatic connections for the steel structure and cold rolled systems.
  • Modelling of simple user defined connections.
  • Navigation of the modelling environment and visualisation of the model.
  • Creation of assembly and single part drawings (including simple drawing settings).
  • Creation of general arrangement drawings.
  • Generation of material reports and bolt listings.
  • Generation of CNC files and cold rolled data.
  • Issuing procedure for models and management of drawings.
  • User attributes and how to use them.
  • Phasing and Lotting.
  • Simple drawing templates.
  • Basic interoperability with other modelling and design software.
  • Tekla BIMsight

You will take away:

  • The confidence and skills to be productive on your return to the office
  • Insight into the potential of what can be achieved with Tekla Structures
  • An introduction to BIM and BIM processes
  • Knowledge of how to contact Tekla Support and use our support tool
  • A Tekla Extranet account and knowledge of its benefits
  • Simple drawing settings (for new customers)
  • A certificate to confirm completion of training
  • New relationships with your fellow trainees and with Tekla
  • The opportunity to tell us how we can improve.

training - basic strucad - kw timmins

I was a little apprehensive about swapping over to Tekla software at first, it is much more advanced than StruCad and I was worried it would be difficult to pick up. After completing the training course I feel at ease, the software is more advanced but easy to learn and I plan to use it straight away on returning to work.
Edward Timmins
KW Timmins & Sons Ltd

Some industry knowledge and a willingness to learn.

We advise that you work through the Links and materials provided.