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Here you find all Tekla services – contact us to find out more about availability and the services that fulfill your needs. 


Tekla Developer Center

Tekla Developer Center is the one-stop-hub for all Tekla Open API material. Tekla Developer Center contains API reference, programming guides, exercises, code examples and much more. It is also a community, where you can post questions and share best practices.

Tekla User Assistance

The Tekla product-specific Tekla User Assistance services are 24/7 online support channels for fast self service, where users of Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds can find all the product guides, additional knowledge-base articles and instructional videos.

Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Discussion Forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla products. You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from support personnel. We support application developers and users of Tekla Extensions via the forum as well. You can search for questions similar to yours, find solutions easily and enjoy discussing with your peers.

Training courses

We fulfill all training needs related to our solutions, by providing general and customer-specific training courses for system administrators and professional end users.

Our well-defined training courses allow you  to utilize the system to its fullest potential:

  • After the system implementation phase, to train the key users in all the functionalities of the product, and all system users in the specific functionalities they need in their work.
  • Any time when the system users change and new users require training.
  • When new functionalities are added to the system because of version upgrades or specific customer requirements.
  • General and customized courses can be arranged either at the customer or Tekla premises. 

All training courses

Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse is a free, global BIM storage of Tekla Structures add-ons, libraries and templates. It offers an easy, convenient way to produce high quality models efficiently. Tekla Warehouse includes applications, custom components, parts, profiles, materials like steel and concrete grades, rebars, meshes, shapes and templates. The 3D parts include all the relevant, up-to-date information needed for construction.

With Tekla Warehouse, manufacturers can easily make their products and applications available for users, who can then take the exact 3D product models straight into their Tekla models. Using the manufacturers’ actual parts in the constructable models leads to the highest accuracy and exact material information for quantity take-off, planning and procurement.

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Version deliveries

We take care that our customers are informed of updates to their solutions. The latest product versions contain the most up-to-date functionality and bug fixes. We can also perform the version installation or help customers with it.

An important part of version installation is to ensure that possible database updates are successful, changes in the environment are done correctly and the updated system functions as expected.

The version deliveries are often combined with training or consultation services to help the customer to quickly reap the benefits of the new version.


Tekla’s  helpdesks  support the customers' daily operations so that our systems function as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible. Together with training and consultation services, our helpdesks ensure that the customers can concentrate on their core business and can use their systems as efficiently as possible.

Our technical support staff knows their business. They are IT professionals who understand the field of business and are committed to providing prompt and efficient assistance.

Installation and integration

Fast, efficient and successful system installation and integration is essential for smoothly running operations. The installation and integration service includes configuration tasks needed to tailor the product to fit the customer’s processes and environment. We create an implementation plan together with the customer. The plan includes a report of the status of the customer's existing data, equipment and the equipment capacity, description of installation and integration task, and any required data conversions. The plan also advises how and when the users can start using the new system. Installation and integration tasks are carried out gradually to ensure a smooth transition to a new system.

Tekla’s Implementation Service provides the following key benefits:

  • Firm Folders - our expert staff will set up all your Firm Folders in the correct sequence and method to enable you to easily locate files, upgrade between versions and work with colleagues in the most efficient way.
  • This also minimises risk of files becoming corrupted or lost due to incorrect setting up.
  • Drawings and Reports - Tekla software provides great flexibility to our clients when it comes to specific drawing template styles, borders and design. Our experts will configure your drawing and reporting requirements according to your company standards so any 2D documentation meets your expectations.
  • Printing - Our experts will optimise your printers and plotters to enable correct and accurate output of all your drawings, reports and other model outputs.
  • Production and Other Systems – We will help integrate Tekla Structures with your production machinery and other software solutions you may already have in place. This will also include advice where bespoke development may be required.

This service is important to ensure your experience of Tekla software is as seamless as ever.