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Cellular Fabsec beam design using Tekla Structural Designer & FBEAM

In this webinar David Sanderson, A&D Product Manager at Trimble will be joined by Jonathan Davis from William Hare and Matthew Mullineaux and William Lyle from Severfield UK to chat about how Trimble and Fabsec have successfully collaborated to bring a new workflow for Cellular Beam Design using Tekla Structural Designer and FBEAM.

Topics up for discussion: 

  • An overview of how the link between Tekla Structural Designer & FBEAM was established
  • Benefits of  Fabsec Cellular Beams
  • A demonstration showing the interoperability workflow between Tekla Structural Designer and FBEAM, this demonstration will also explore the process of calculating Intumescent coating thicknesses and optimising sections for FABSEC beam design