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Trimble launches Tekla PowerFab for next-gen steel fabrication

Infographic showing the Tekla PowerFab workflow

Automation, real-time visibility into data and collaboration across project teams.

Trimble has launched Tekla PowerFab, a next-generation software suite for steel fabrication management. Created specifically for steel fabricators, Tekla PowerFab offers advanced collaboration across project teams throughout the whole structural steel workflow, delivering unparalleled control and visibility.

Expanding upon Trimble’s Constructible Process, an innovative approach for the digital transformation of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) workflows, Tekla PowerFab is a complete and connected steel fabrication software solution, providing relevant and real-time information to all project parties.

At the core of Tekla PowerFab is Tekla EPM (formerly FabSuite management information system), which boasts proven success among Trimble customers. By combining Tekla EPM with Tekla Structures and the Trimble Connect collaboration platform, Tekla PowerFab automates the fabrication management process.

Jari Heino, General Manager of Trimble’s Structures Division, said: Following the acquisition of FabSuite in 2018, Trimble is now able to further integrate fabrication workflows to give customers improved collaboration and connectivity. An industry-first, Tekla PowerFab provides estimators, project managers, production and other project teams with real-time access to the most relevant data throughout the fabrication process.

Two monitor showing the combined power of Tekla PowerFab, Trimble Connect and Tekla EPM

Designed to improve visibility and deliver information on the status of components at every stage of fabrication, from model-based estimating to site delivery, the latest solution enables project teams to work together seamlessly, resulting in more efficient workflows and cost savings too.

Feedback on the software addition has already been positive, as long-time Trimble customer Ricky Horton, Vice President of Finance and Administration at McCombs Steel commented: Now everyone involved in a scheme will know what’s happening at any given time, allowing us to approach projects more proactively. Tekla PowerFab is a significant leap towards more efficient workflows, helping us improve the way we manage and deliver projects.

Trimble’s Tekla portfolio now includes complete structural steel workflows for estimating, planning, managing, designing, modelling and automating the fabrication processes, helping achieve maximum constructability. Tekla PowerFab is offered as an annual subscription and is available for steel fabricators from 13th March 2019.


Tekla PowerFab is offered as an annual subscription and is available for steel fabricators in the UK and Ireland.

Press contacts:

Marian Thomasson
Marketing Manager