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PERI significantly expands their BIM content for planning formwork systems with Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures model showing PERI formwork tool with real-world image of formwork in background

PERI, one of the world’s largest providers and manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding systems, reaffirms their commitment to Tekla Structures users by dramatically expanding the PERI formwork systems available in Tekla Warehouse. The systems now available include worldwide hits from PERI like MAXIMO, DOMINO, GRIDFLEX and more. This enables PERI's customers to utilize Tekla Structures for planning and managing formwork operations with a wider range of PERI systems than ever before.

As leading solution providers for concrete construction, PERI and Trimble drive more productive ways for the industry to work. As a result of the latest development, comprehensive range of PERI’s mostly used formwork systems for walls, columns and slabs can all be taken into use in BIM based formwork workflows with Tekla Structures by simply downloading the 3D components from Tekla Warehouse, Trimble’s free BIM storage online.  

Using our powerful and intuitive formwork planning tools together with PERI's comprehensive Tekla Structures library, creation of detailed formwork plans is faster than ever before. says Andy Dickey, Business Development Manager at Trimble. Availability of these accurate, data rich 3D components from PERI significantly saves modelling time for our customers using PERI systems, and because the components are provided directly from the manufacturer they improve information quality offering the utmost accuracy and efficiency for formwork planning, material takeoffs and coordination.

For PERI, BIM is a method that helps to plan and control all construction processes. says Jochen Köhler, Head of BIM Competence Center at PERI Group. It is common practice at PERI to combine three-dimensional planning models for the utilization and cycle planning with the time factor. PERI enables its customers to drive efficiency and significantly increase productivity by facilitating the latest and most advanced BIM Methodologies and Technologies!

With Trimble’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) software Tekla Structures, concrete contractors can minimize risks, improve productivity and reduce construction costs by more accurate estimates and planning, efficient management of better quality information and easier coordination and communication utilizing constructible models.

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