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Achieve fully constructible temporary works easily with Tekla

Temporary work in place on-site

Digitisation of construction processes has often just looked at the permanent works design. At Trimble, we understand that a truly constructible process needs to consider not just this but also the installation process and the temporary works needed to create the permanent works. The efficient design, management and installation of temporary works will radically improve overall project delivery.  

Temporary works contribute a significant part to the total construction cost, sometimes as much as 50%* or more and therefore constitute a significant risk for the construction process overall. By using Tekla software solutions for both the analysis and modelling of the temporary works design, it is possible to safely and cost-effectively manage these risks.

* Temporary Works Forum

Tiber formwork on-site

Temporary works and BIM

BIM can be considered as Better Information Management and on that basis, every stage of the construction process can benefit from improved business outcomes by providing better managed information to support temporary works procedural decision making and reducing errors on site.

Businesses involved in the design, checking, erection, sign off, monitoring and dismantling of temporary works require software that can accommodate multiple materials; be agile enough to create a wide variety of solutions; be able to accommodate permanent works designs from a variety of software solutions; provide schemes that can be delivered in a variety of different ways to enable the ordering, erection and checking of the works simply, accurately and safely.

Temporary works is a significant specialism with its own set of standards and guidance. Principle among these is BS5975:2008+A1:2011 which highlights communication as one of the key challenges for temporary works: 6.1.6 Communication tends to be one of the major problem areas of temporary works because of the multiplicity of actions normally required when temporary works are being constructed and put into service.

Formwork with rebar extruding from top

Digital processes can really help communication by providing clear consistent information easily available to all who need it. For example:

  • 3D models and digital data sets ensure Temporary Works Co-ordinators fulfil their role.
  • The Design Brief for Temporary Works can be described in the Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) alongside those of the permanent works.
  • Temporary Works can be defined in the Project Brief and the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to include temporary works design requirements.
  • Procurement is supported through the generation of Bill of Materials (BoM) direct from the 3D model.
  • The integration of any temporary works that remain into the Asset Information Model of the permanent works.
With Tekla you can:
  • Automate temporary works calculations for formwork, falsework, propping and other contractor design portions with code-compliant solutions.
  • Analyse complex falsework designs with confidence, share the outputs from these designs directly into fabrication level software solutions.
  • Model, schedule and order temporary works materials in confidence.
  • Iterate multiple pour options to deliver the most economic solutions for your site conditions and constraints.
  • Download best-in-class objects and plug-ins to enhance, simplify and speed up your modelling processes to develop constructible models that are ready to go to site.