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Linking all steel fabrication processes together with Tekla PowerFab

Watch as Matthew Hastwell, Steel Detailer and Innovation Consultant at Wareing Buildings, describes how the adoption of Tekla PowerFab software for the complete management of their steel fabrication processes has completely transformed the way they do business.

Tekla PowerFab is a standalone solution that sits alongside Tekla Structures and is fed by the Tekla Structures models, harnessing the power of the data rich environment that is created by the drawing office. It's not a tool that is designed to be used by detailers, it's for everybody else who can benefit from those models - estimators, purchasers, and to make sure shipping and site have access to the same information, which is accessible in desktop and on-the-go formats.

Get in touch with our team to discuss other benefits of getting Tekla PowerFab to control your steel fabrication operations.