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Helping Engineers to design greener with Trimble's new Tekla embodied carbon tools

Recognising the pressures facing the construction industry to design and build greener, Trimble (UK) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Embodied Carbon Calculator tool for Tekla Structural Designer.

Available within Trimble’s Tekla Structural Designer, the Embodied Carbon Calculator works directly in conjunction with the existing 3D modelling and engineering design and analysis software. Designed for use at the initial stages of design – as early as Stages A1 to A3 of The Construction Lifecycle – it enables engineers to automatically view, measure and understand the level of carbon included in their schemes.

Using the Embodied Carbon Calculator Tool, engineers can quickly and automatically calculate the embodied carbon present within the structural design, as well as being able to take this visibility further, by breaking down the embodied carbon figure by structural material, member type and slab type. Using this information, engineers can make more informed decisions and work to drive down the building or structure’s carbon output, with the ability to track progress as these design refinements are made.

The tool also enables engineers to compare the carbon levels with other factors - such as strength - and compare alternative design options, all contributing to a more optimised structural design.

Speaking about the launch, David Sanderson, A&D Product Manager at Trimble Solutions Corporation said: As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly hot topic in the run up to Net Zero, the construction industry is also falling under pressure to reduce its carbon emissions, with engineers increasingly tasked with designing greener. A key part of this journey to greener construction is understanding, assessing and improving a building’s embodied carbon value.

It is for this reason that we chose to develop the new Tekla Embodied Carbon Calculator; a tool that – we hope – will help engineers as they work to design and build the sustainable buildings and infrastructure of our future.

The Embodied Carbon Calculator Tool also offers direct export options to the One Click LCA software, enabling users to perform a thorough life-cycle assessment.

Learn more about the Tekla Embodied Carbon Calculator Tool, or book a demo

Press contacts:

Marian Thomasson
Marketing Manager