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Reinforcing the construction business through collaboration



Are you a Rebar Detailer willing to enhance collaboration within your team and third parties such as the engineering office and the concrete contractors. Learn how to make the most of Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect by joining our new Rebar eLearning.

Rebar detailing is still a very conservative process in the construction industry. It is common to find engineering offices and detailers preparing drawings and doing their job based on the information they find on those drawings. The problem is that when many people are working on a particular project, each of them might have their own version of the drawing, and not a unified one. This translates into multiple challenges: a lot of overlapping, misunderstandings, rework, mistakes during the bar ordering and fabrication, and delays on-site. 

Unfortunately, some rebar detailers do not see the full potential of creating a 3D model as a source of truth for the rebar work. They might think purchasing a 3D modelling software is expensive, training the people is difficult, or doing the model is one more task to their extensive ToDo list. Contrary to their thoughts, using a 3D model as an integrated part of their processes will improve the collaboration and, therefore, reduce cost, develop the way the detailers and the other stakeholders work, and reduce their workload. Join our eLearning here.


Some of the benefits of using 3D models for rebar detailing are: 

  • A 3D model is the precise visual representation of the rebar work and the entire construction. Instead of flat lines, you can see the bars as they really are. 
  • A 3D model helps to see how a bar fits with the other bars and the rest of the construction elements. 
  • A 3D model can be used as a source of truth where all the latest information and updates are available. This means that everyone who needs it will be able to find the same information and details.
  • A 3D model can be used as a collaboration tool. All the relevant people can access the model and see, add, review, change, or comment on it. This integrated way of working will save time for the rebar detailers and the rest of the people involved in the construction project. 


Why collaboration matters in rebar detailing?

Rebar detailing is in the middle of the construction process, which in practice means that the detailers need to receive information from other parts such as the engineering office to start to do their job. They also need to deliver information to other people, such as the fixers and the concrete contractors, so they can also do their job. While working on the same construction project, all the stakeholders must share valuable information and collaborate to avoid time-consuming misunderstandings and costly errors.

It is challenging to be efficient and get good results by working on silos and based on multiple versions of drawings. Therefore finding the best way to increase collaboration is key to success. Join our eLearning here.


3D Models: Modeling collaboration

Having a unique source of information such as the Tekla model will streamline the rebar detailers' and the other stakeholders' work. Trimble Connect will help you connect the right people to the right data at the right time. By using Trimble Connect, your team members will be able to make informed decisions faster. Even users with minimal modelling experience can view and use the model and benefit from it. 

Trimble Connect helps you to unify the way of working inside your company and with all the other external parties working with you in the construction project. Sharing the model among the engineering office, the rebar detailer, the rebar fabricator, and concrete contractors will help, for example, when communicating and coordinating the work. Together they can find solutions to complex working areas and resolve areas of congestion even before construction begins. By taking a look at the model and the information it contains, it is guaranteed that each rebar is fabricated to its exact size and delivered to the site on time and in an optimized way, which saves construction time and reduces material waste.


Learn how to enhance collaboration with Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect 

Now you can learn for free how to use and make the most of your Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect. The eLearning will take you step by step on how to use Trimble Connect. You can learn: 

  • How to export an IFC file from Tekla Structures
  • How to create a Trimble Connect Project
  • How to create folders and upload files to Trimble Connect
  • How to do model and how to see the 3D viewer, how to find the camera control, measurement and clipping tools and viewing modes, create ToDo, add due dates
  • How to create, update and modify rebar schedules, visualize order statuses in your 3D model and share the schedule with your project members
  • How to use the Organizer and make it suitable to show the data that you want to show. 
  • How to create and use property sets 
  • And much more!

You will learn by watching videos, doing exercises, and working on your project in Trimble Connect. 

Join now, and learn for FREE!