Détail Optimal

If you are a top structural steel designer and take quality seriously like Détail Optimal, you need to stay on top of technological development. With point cloud technology and BIM, Détail Optimal can now both deliver their projects quicker and achieve more accurate results than ever.


Sisttemex is a Mexico-based company that offers specialized product and services in steel structures and appreciates reduced delivery times and smoother project management.

3D Structural Detailing Ltd.

3D Structural Detailing Ltd. based in Scotland supply detailing services to support Engineering & Fabrication in Oil & Gas, Power industries, Sculptures, Pylons Towers and Commercial projects detailing using Tekla Structures.

Stonehenge Co., Ltd

This engineering firm sees quick improvement in efficiency after newly adopting Tekla Structural Designer. As the building industry progressively moves towards Building Information Modelling (BIM), engineering firms of all sizes are now adopting design and analysis software that offers comprehensive and intelligent tools to support the conceptualization, planning, detailing, creating and guiding of their projects. In South East Asia, one such firm is Thailand based Stonehenge Co., Ltd (Stonehenge). Their adoption of Tekla Structural Designer has seen significant gains in efficiency, accuracy and collaboration.

FP McCann precast concrete solutions

Following the industry’s push towards BIM level 2, FP McCann has incorporated a variety of Trimble’s Tekla software to meet this requirement and to also satisfy its manufacturing needs. Although it has been a learning curve, the software has enabled the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete to increase efficiency across the business.

Pinnacle Consulting Engineers

Pinnacle Consulting Engineers has utilised Trimble’s Tekla Structures on two impressive offshore projects, thanks to it being able to handle the most complex of structures, while creating accurate 3D models. In fact, one of the project’s models was recognised in the Tekla UK Awards 2017 by winning the Small Projects category.

Culen Steel logo

Cullen Steel

Cullen Steel chose Tekla products because of the high level of automation. Benefits that lead to increased productivity continue to be the most important advantage for Cullen Steel.

The Unger Steel Group

The Unger Steel Group, based in Austria, is a frontrunner in the global construction industry. Unger creates tailor-made solutions for construction industry with a whole spectrum of service.