Sub-contractor: Sygma CADD Ltd

Sygma CADD provides detailing services for both structural and miscellaneous steel across UK and Ireland. Coming from a manufacturing and erection background, our detailers know exactly what both workshop and erection technicians are waiting to see in the 2D drawings and reports we produce. Our team also takes great pride in making sure the drawings are generated to client’s specific requirements.
Steel detailing by Sygma CADD LtdWe are fully aware how crucial providing consistent and accurate drawings, while meeting the demanding schedules are to the overall success of the project to help our clients fulfil their commitments. That is why, multiple checking stages are applied within our process, and continuous adjustment to our scheduling process and project management techniques which are practiced as a regular activity.






Stairs modelled in Tekla Structures by Sygma CADD LtdOur detailing services covers the following areas of both structural and miscellaneous steel (and Metal Works):

  • Shop (fabrication) drawings for structural steel
    • Assembly drawing (All welded parts)
    • Single Part drawings (Workshop details for individual parts)
  • Shop fabrication drawings for miscellaneous steel
    • Stairs and Ladders
    • Handrails and Guardrails Layouts and Details
    • Gratings Floor Panels and Durbar plates, Layouts and Details


  • ABM reports (advanced bill of material)
  • Erection drawings
  • CNC files for shop fabrication machinery

Our detailing job extends to include the coordination with other trades when needed, as we believe that our clients deserve a comprehensive detailing service that takes into consideration all aspects of the project.


Sygma CADD Ltd
31 Chuckers Row
EH21 8JP

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