With over thirty years prior employment in the construction industry, Novak Steelwork Detailing Services is proud to offer a top quality, highly competitive service in order to build a successful and profitable business based on total customer satisfaction.

  • Site survey.
  • Attending technical team meetings.
  • Raising, receiving responses to and acting on all technical queries.
  • Producing Tekla 3D model of the structure.
  • Producing full set of general arrangement drawings.
  • Producing all assembly (fabrication) drawings.
  • Producing single part drawings.
  • Producing CNC data files.
  • Production of all lists required.
  • As built package for client’s Health and Safety file upon completion.

1 Shewalton Road
KA11 5BX

Tel. 01294 313282
Mob. 07970 788603

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