The New Tekla Structures offering explained

The new Tekla Structures subscription offering contains everything you need to work more effectively.

Centered around Tekla Structures software, it includes a wide range of services, plus our modern Tekla online licensing tool

The new subscription includes licenses for Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect Business, making collaboration easier than ever.

The new subscription plans

Tekla Structures software has three material independent options, which provide the perfect match for your differing needs.  

The full functionality of Tekla Structures is available in Tekla Structures Diamond. Graphite and Carbon are subsets of Diamond.


Contact us and learn what option fits best for your purposes.



Subscription Benefits

  • Get services as well as products with one subscription.
  • Get the premium Tekla software with a lower upfront investment 
  • Map your design and construction needs with a simplified set of Tekla Structures configurations. 
  • Explore new business opportunities with software that’s not limited by structural material. 
  • Manage all your Tekla Structures licenses and users online in one place and see how your licenses are used. 
  • Balance your license base flexibly and according to changing business needs. 



What’s the right subscription plan for me?


With Tekla Structures Diamond you can:   

Create, manage and share multi-material, fully detailed 3D models. You can also use Tekla Structures Diamond throughout the project, from conceptual planning to creating all the required fabrication information. In short, you have the full power of Tekla Structures at your fingertips.

With Tekla Structures Graphite you can: 

Create, manage and share multi-material 3D models for design purposes. You can also create general arrangement information such as general arrangement drawings, schedules, reports, and 3D models. 
Additionally, you can use Tekla Structures Graphite to create site layout drawings of reinforcement and even pass the information to bar bending machines for off-site rebar work.

With Tekla Structures Carbon you can: 

Plan, track and manage all of your design, detailing, production and erection activities. You can open all types of Tekla Structures models, drawings and generate reports when needed. You can also track and follow the progress of a project, add information to the model, define erection sequences, control approvals, view production status and schedules, and more.



Additionally, the subscription comes with a huge range of valuable services:  

  • Customer Care Program guides new users through Tekla Structures.  
  • Customer Support Services offers helpful support via email and telephone. 
  • Tekla User Assistance (TUA) contains a wealth of support material relating to your product.  
  • Getting Started Guide makes installation & software set-up easy and secure.  
  • is where you’ll find free e-learning courses and certifications. 
  • Discussion Forum is an active online community of Trimble users.  
  • Tekla Warehouse enables you to find, install and share content globally and locally on the Tekla Structures BIM storage webpage.  
  • Tekla Downloads is where you can download all Tekla software.  
  • Tekla Developer Center is your one-stop hub for Tekla Software APIs.


The new licensing options

 The Tekla Structures subscription has three options to choose from.

Standard license: 

  • For full-time, daily use by a single user. 
  • Must only be used in the contracting country. 
  • Can be assigned to a user four times per calendar year. 
  • Can be used on one device at a time. 
  • Can be assigned to Affiliated Partners and Consultants. 

 Flex license: 

  • As Standard but with unlimited user assignments added 

Worldwide license: 

  • As Flex but can be used worldwide 


Online licensing

Tekla Structures subscription licenses are managed in Tekla Online Admin Tool. With this, you can receive and manage Tekla Structures subscription licenses for online and offline usage. User management is also available with the same tool for both internal and external users. Hosted by Trimble, Tekla Online Admin Tool allows you to access your license usage data and manage subscription renewals in one place.