For Production Managers

Benefit from paperless production and inventory information

Tekla PowerFab is a complete and connected steel fabrication management information solution that offers easy operations and good usability that understands steel fabrication workflows. Enjoy the benefits of running a paperless workshop for real-time control and visibility.

Your entire staff can use mobile tools for viewing work orders and cut lists and updating production status as they go. 



Key benefits:

Balance the shop workload

  • Easy to follow multiple projects running simultaneously through the shop
  • Just in time production for labour and machinery
  • Model-driven CNC data entry – less room for errors. 


Optimize production schedule 

  • Route the material and projects through the shop floor
  • View and optimize the availability of shop resources 
  • Efficiently route to subcontractors (e.g., galvanizing)


Minimize in-production handling 

  • Control logistics within the shop and yard 


Benefit from using the mobile interface for job phase tracking, inspections, etc. 

  • Cutlists and other work orders easily available
  • View drawings - also in 3D
  • Receive material into inventory
  • Update production status in real-time 
  • Inspections and quality assurance
  • Load trucks and ship material
  • No need for data entry afterwards 


Productivity of labour

  • The empowered production team is more productive when everyone knows what to do now and next. 
  • Possibility of checking the part and assembly information from the model if needed - on desktop or mobile
  • Labour hour recording in real-time 


This technology can help increase each worker’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy, providing your company with a leg-up on competition through greater productivity.


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