Tekla APIs for developers

Tekla development can be a great way to turn your idea into reality, or start your own business as an Tekla application developer.


Tekla Structures Open API

Tekla Structures Open API, also known as Tekla Open API, provides an interface for different kinds of applications to interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures. Tekla Structures is BIM software for structural design and detailing.


Tekla EPM Open API

Tekla EPM Open API is an application programming interface into Tekla EPM (Estimating and Production Management), the steel fabrication management software.


Tekla Structural Designer Open API

Tekla Structural Designer Open API, or TSD Open API, is an interface for applications to interact with the analysis model and results in Tekla Structural Designer.


Tekla Tedds API

Tekla Tedds API is an interface into Tekla Tedds, the structural analysis and engineering calculation automation software.


Trimble Connect API

Trimble Connect for Tekla is a cloud-based collaboration platform available for web, desktop, mobile and mixed reality. Trimble Connect APIs and SDK allows you to integrate with, embed, and extend Trimble Connect. You can read, write and update data into and out of the Trimble Connect.

Note that Trimble Connect applications are for your internal use only.


Start creating your own applications

Visit Tekla Developer Center to get started. Tekla Developer Center is the hub for information of the 5 Tekla APIs:

  • Tekla Structures Open API
  • Tekla EPM Open API
  • Tekla Structural Designer Open API
  • Tekla Tedds API
  • Trimble Connect API


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