Tekla UK BIM Awards 2013 winners

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris
by BDS VirCon

The winner of the UK BIM Awards 2013 - The judges felt that this entry demonstrated the best use of BIM between design, detailing, fabrication and construction and stood out as an end to end process because of that. The complexity of the geometry meant a number of challenges were far better solved utilising 3D information from the model rather than traditional 2D documentation and that was exploited wherever possible giving a positive outcome to the project.


The Kelpies
by SH Structures Ltd

The winner of the Public Choice Award - "Interesting and complex, most draughtsmen would love to work on a project like this." "The shear complexity of the structure with its complex curves and being able to recreate a sculpture on this scale impressed me." "Innovative use of steel showcasing the complexity that Tekla Structures is capable of." "Our modern Statue of Liberty experience which will be admired by future generations." "Very complex geometry and fantastic use of the software." the public commented.

Special Mention

by Consteel Technical Services Ltd

The judges felt this entry solved many complex issues during the design and construction process both from a geometry point of view and then taking BIM into the field by utilising layout points from the Tekla model in the Trimble robotic stations on site to speed up and provide assurance for position of steelwork on site.