Clay farm development by Countryside Properties

Entered by Maldon Marine Ltd

Residential project

The 1B Marker building is part of a huge residential development at Clay Farm by Countryside Properties where a total of 2300 new homes will be built alongside shops, schools, a community centre and a park. Clay Farm is to the east of Trumpington on the southern edge of Cambridge and is scheduled for completion in September 2013. The submitted model is a four storey building and is a steel and concrete framed structure.

BIM enables fast-track schedule

One of the key elements for this project was being able to model the level of detail required for the steelwork and concrete to ensure coordination of all trades. The size of the glass panels meant we had to think differently and consider an approach that took into account the installation needs while still meeting the requirements of the Architect. The project was fully coordinated with different trades sharing models and making good use of the geometry and materials ensuring the project was delivered in a timely manner.