3 phase separator training skid

Entered by Cordell Group

Modular training skid

This is the 3rd training skid the Cordell Group have designed and manufactured of this type and the second one that has gone overseas. This design called for a modular skid approach which needed some redesign from the original version along with revised calculations for lifting and transport loads. The structural model was created in Tekla software and then exported into AutoCAD Inventor to allow the modelling of the pumps, vessels, tanks, pipework, instruments, panels, cabling etc. and to ensure correct coordination of all elements all the pipework and cable routes were agreed and then the appropriate support details added to the structural model. The final equipment model was then referenced back into Tekla software for completion and detailing of all the steelwork with all supports included in the detailing.

Making the project successful

The ability to work in a collaborative environment and export data from Tekla into AutoCAD Inventor and back again meant all required equipment supports were included on the fabricated steelwork before it was sent to painting, this was critical to ensure the colour of the paint on the steelwork was consistent and manual touching up was not required. The ability to send picture and pdf files to the client via email, helped tremendously during the design phase as did the use of Tekla BIMsight.