Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Centre (ARTIC)

Entered by Consteel Technical Services UK Ltd

Innovative transportation hub

When complete in 2014, the ARTIC project will become the gateway to transportation in Orange County, serving local and regional trains, commuter and charter bus lines, resort transit, shuttles and taxis. Upon start of construction in September 2012, the project team will construct a 68,000 square-foot steel-framed tubular structure with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and glass cladding as part of the terminal building. The civil scope of work includes constructing parking areas for 1,000 vehicles, a railroad bridge, baggage tunnel and pedestrian tunnel, 2-sided rail station platform, pedestrian concourse bridge from the terminal to the rail platforms, as well as infrastructure improvements to local utilities and roadways. The ARTIC project is designed to earn LEED® Platinum certification.

Trimble tools at play

ARTIC was modelled using Tekla BIM software with the main challenge on the project coming from the complex geometry of the glass clad arch support steelwork. As well as being used to create the project documentation such as general arrangement and fabrication drawings, the model was extremely useful in coordinating and developing the correct fabrication, fit up and erection of each of the 40 support arches and glazing seats. The model geometry was also used to speed up the surveying and layout of the arches using Trimble Layout Points and the trial erection. A 3D DXF and Trimble point report created directly from the Tekla model was used by the surveyors to check and record relevant points along each arch structure.

The accuracy and collaboration of the model between subcontractors and the control over the geometry during fabrication and erection, was a major contributor to the success of this project.