Whitegate Refinery, vessel support platform

Entered by 3D Steel Ltd

Vessel access platform at an oil refinery.

The Whitegate Refinery, based in Cork, has a crude oil processing capacity of 71MBD and produces 75,000 tonnes of oil per day. It supplies around 40% of the Republic of Ireland's fuel needs. The main challenge was this was one of the first projects we detailed with Tekla Structures so we were very anxious due to the complex nature of the miscellaneous steelwork and heavy industrial weld details. The client's handrail specs are quite different to what we are normally used to detailing and the client was very strict that their specs were adhered to. There was also a large fully welded assembly making up the main part of the upper platform.

We created some of our own custom components to speed up detailing of the handrail which made the process exceptionally easy. Tekla's welding components made light work of modelling some very complex weld details. The project ran surprisingly smoothly considering it was one of our first using this software. The workshop didn't come back with any questions, which is always the best compliment in this game!