ICE 6 Reactor

Entered by SCH Site Services Limited

New plant facility for Huntsman Tioxide - K Home International Ltd

Comprising 160 tonnes of steelwork, 2,274 assemblies, split into 15 individual loads, this new plant facility for Huntsman Tioxide involved complex detailing and site works. Specialist erection working, next to and over existing adjacent structures, was required employing specialist methods of lifting and design.

The reactor facility features a steel-framed access structure built on top of, and adjacent to, a concrete box structure, which supports the reactor. The top of the reactor projects above the top of the concrete box. The access structure uses the concrete box for lateral restraint and is site welded to cast-in plates in the concrete (palm plates).

Four main columns on top of the box create the main frame of the structure with a further two columns to the north of the box, founded at ground level. There are also four intermediate columns on top of the box.

Various new platforms, stairs, walkways and ladders on the steelwork structure are used to provide access to the new Chlorinator facility, the existing adjacent structure and stair tower. Hand railing and kick flats feature around the perimeter of all platforms, except where openings are required for access purposes as shown on the drawings. Kick flats are also necessary around small openings in the floors for penetrations and, where appropriate, bolted to handrails.