Concrete frame, Wembley

Entered by Tier BIM Consult

Tier BIM Consult has been working on a major new development in London; a new concrete-framed, mixed-use development that will include 220,000 sq2 of student accommodation, along with 10,000 sq2 of retail space, which is aiming to be completed by September 2016.

A concrete construction was chosen that incorporated a number of construction methods, such as piled raft foundations, insitu and precast columns, precast core and insitu slabs. However, underpinning this entire development is the collaboration of everyone involved and how they have all co-operated through BIM. This ultimately helped to significantly speed up the project lifecycle, reduce costs and improve the process and efficiency of the design and building.

From receiving the architect's models or 2D drawings, Tier BIM were able to import this information into Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Structures, in order to design the structure in the most economical and efficient way.

Tekla's Structural Designer and Tekla Structures software enabled the company to provide the necessary files for direct input into the project model, from the detailed analysis - speeding up the process of modelling with an increased accuracy.

From Tekla Structural Designer, the model designs are transferred into Tekla Structures to produce general arrangement drawings. Reinforcement of the whole structure is then carried out, along with further drawings and bar bending schedules to ensure that the company has fully sequenced and clash-checked the model – eradicating errors and improving efficiency on site.

Once fully designed, the model will then become the project's database for producing detailed drawings, setting out, retrieving quantities and extracting any other necessary information. What's more, during the handover stage of the project, the database can be passed over to the client to fully utilise the model. Having the ability to accurately visualise the building is invaluable in terms of clearly understanding how everything will fit together and work.