Bond Street

Entered by Caunton Engineering Limited

New retail and leisure development

An exciting new retail and leisure development in the heart of Chelmsford, the Bond Street development, will provide a vibrant new shopping environment that will cater for the needs of its thriving, affluent catchment.

The combination of this open air shopping experience, riverside restaurants, cinema and public space will ensure that Bond Street compliments the heritage of Chelmsford, whilst creating a fresh and contemporary retail offer that attracts aspirational brands currently under-represented in the city.

Working for principal contractor Bowmer & Kirkland, Caunton Engineering is using Fastrak* Building Designer, to design all elements of the steel frame for this large and prestigious project; from the structural roof trusses and primary supporting structure, to the secondary steelwork required to support feature stone panels on the front elevation.

Time-saving automatic calculation and specification tools

A number of these structural elements would be both time consuming and difficult to design without the aid of Fastrak Building Designer. For example, the floor beams have been designed to act compositely with the concrete floor slab. Fastrak Building Designer automatically calculates the capacities of the composite beams as well as specifying the number of shear studs and any additional reinforcement required to provide composite action.

There are also a number of complicated transfer structures on the project that would have been extremely difficult to design without the capabilities provided by Building Designer.

Globally Fastrak Building Designer has been used to analyse the overall stability of the whole structure.

Our analysis model was exported to Tekla Structures, inserted into the IFC architectural model from WCEC Architects for review and coordinated with other building elements prior to becoming the project information model (PIM). A similar process was adopted for issue of our model data to the engineer, Mott MacDonald, to develop their civil engineering works model.

* Please note, Fastrak, Orion and Solve have been brought together to create Tekla Structural Designer.