Bloomberg Ramp

Entered by Littlehampton Welding Ltd

Triangles generation and unfold surface components used extensively

Rising over six floors and incorporating a bridge, this helical steel ramp weighs a total of 450 tonnes. To create the spiral rolled plates, the triangles generation and unfold surface components were used extensively throughout the modelling process.

Covered with a metal alloy cladding when complete, the ramp required a very high level of accuracy during fabrication and erection. The maximum tolerance allowed was 15mm, which also included rationalisation of the hypotrochoid curve into arcs of single radii.

Facilitating accuracy during fabrication

To facilitate accuracy during fabrication, the ramp was built in a large jig, which was welded to the steel shop floor. The jig incorporated access walkways around the ramp section.

Comprising a fully welded deck section and fully welded wall sections, the walls were bolted to the deck using TCB bolts.

The ramp was modelled and fabricated by Littlehampton Welding Ltd and erected on site by William Hares Ltd, who also built the main building structure to which the ramp fitted.