Tekla Structures 2018 for Double Walls - from optimised detailing and production to project delivery on time and on budget


One key strength of Tekla Structures is how the advanced BIM software supports efficient structural workflows in all types of precast projects, and being a powerful and flexible tool for detailing any type of precast element or structure.

This webinar focuses on double walls and half slabs, taking you from optimised detailing and production to project delivery on time and within budget. Join this FREE webinar and see the extensive solution and what the new Tekla Structures 2018 offers for modelling, detailing, production planning & management workflows and how this supports productive, error free prefabrication and construction of buildings with double walls and half slabs.


Join the free webinar and learn:

  • How to easily import reference drawings and models from architectural software in Tekla
  • How to quickly create constructible concrete models and automatically split those to precast models with Tekla
  • How to speed up detailing with automated, but flexible tools for double walls and half slabs
  • Automated, model-based creation of shop drawings, CADCAM data files, Bar Bending Schedules, and any material and element lists according to your process needs
  • How to optimise crane use, plan truck loading and cast in place pours, link BIM to Field Layout devices and coordinate project with data rich models


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Date: Wednesday, 4 April 2018