Tekla PowerFab - Overview

Tekla PowerFab - Overview

Tekla PowerFab is a complete steel management software suite, designed specifically for steel fabricators, to provide a real-time information flow to enable a collaborative approach to manage fabrication.

New to the UK, this powerful software suite includes all the tools that a steel fabricator needs for effectively managing the day-to-day operations.  It’s easy to deploy, learn and use so it can quickly show return on investment:

  • Manage your entire fabrication process in one easy-to-use software suite.
  • Enjoy easy operations and good usability that understands fabricator workflows.
  • Achieve better productivity and reduce errors with shared real-time information.
  • Visualize, communicate and share relevant information within your operations and with partners.
  • Utilize powerful mobile tools for project and operations level productivity.
  • Integrate with industry-leading software and equipment


In this webinar Ian Struthers will give a flythrough of the key features of the different elements of the software suite:

  • Tekla EPM for all your production needs from estimating and purchasing to project management, inventory and production control.
  • Tekla EPM Go for real-time paperless production operations and visualization.
  • Tekla Structures EPM Modeller for model-based estimation workflow, scheduling, reports, construction sequencing and more.
  • Trimble Connect for viewing and real-time visualization that can be shared with all project parties.


Prior to joining Trimble, Ian worked as a support consultant, trainer, pre-sales and global product manager for StruMIS and he was responsible for large software implementations globally.

Join Ian to see how Tekla PowerFab can help improve your business efficiency.


Tekla PowerFab:

  • Complete fabrication management for steel fabricators
  • Accessing real-time information, visualization and collaboration
  • Improved productivity and savings at every phase
  • Providing industry-wide compatibility
  • Used by Estimators, Project Managers, Production Managers and Purchasers so everyone is using the same real-time information


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