Sneak Preview of Tekla Structures 21 for Precast Construction


In precast construction, a detailed building information model can greatly reduce waste in all stages of the process by minimising errors in early design and detailing stage, and shortening manufacturing lead times with instant and accurate project data that allows better production, delivery and site planning and management.

The new Tekla Structures 21 brings benefits especially for those who detail precast and rebar. The solution introduces a collection of new and improved functionalities that support effective detailing, improve usability and everyday detailing work.

With this latest version, Tekla will also introduce a completely new way to work in multi-user environment, enabling global collaborative modelling of one Tekla Structures model.

Join our webinar now to discover

  • New features of Tekla Structures 21 that make modelling of precast and rebar structures more effective and user friendly, and new ways to utilise different concrete accessories in detailing work
  • Sneak preview to the new Tekla Model Sharing, which gives users the freedom to work with the same model at the same time in different locations, regardless their time zones

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