Discover the ideal solution for miscellaneous steel with Apex Structural Design


Apex Structural Design has long history in providing quality detailing services. They provide full service detailing and handle all types of work from small miscellaneous projects to large commercial and institutional buildings.

Apex Structural Design has discovered the most efficient way model and detail miscellaneous steelwork. Join the webinar and hear more about:

  • Why Apex Structural detailing has selected Tekla for the solution for miscellaneous works
  • The benefits Apex receives from utilizing Tekla Structures in their work
  • The type of projects Apex Structural Design is using Tekla Structures  
  • The value Tekla Structures brings to the work process in miscellaneous steel designing

From webinar you can also discover how to enhance your own miscellaneous steel projects. Working with Tekla Structures allows you to easily model miscellaneous work such as stairs, ladders, handrails, balustrades and sheet metal work, prototype new solutions and resolve fabrication issues, allowing you to find cost-effective ways to manufacture your products.

Matt Peck from Apex Structural Design shows more about grating custom component in Tekla Structures

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